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Hatch Architects




Founded in 2018, Hatch Architects has swiftly become a leader in architectural innovation and design. Their portfolio, spanning over 100 projects spanning seven countries, showcases a rich diversity in design, each uniquely mirroring the lifestyle and aspirations of their clients. Central to their philosophy is the notion that spaces mirror our identity, leading them to create buildings that embody the soul, inspired by the minutiae of clients’ daily lives.

The firm is invigorated by the passion and vision of Arch. Mussad Algfari views Hatch Architects as his passion project. Algfari, with a 20-year journey in architectural innovation, has infused the firm with a philosophy that transcends construction, focusing on creating buildings that resonate with their inhabitants and embody personal identity.

Hatch Architects adopts a holistic design approach, integrating every aspect of engineering. They prioritize client needs and project goals, ensuring visual and functional excellence. Their comprehensive services cover the full project lifecycle, from concept to execution, utilizing innovative and sustainable engineering practices.

Hatch Architects has made a significant impact in architectural design shaping skylines across Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and China. Each project narrates a client’s vision, realized through expert conceptualization and execution. Their expertise extends to interior design, creating spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and functionally in tune with the client’s lifestyle.

Their structural design prowess is notable, delivering safe, innovative, and cost-effective solutions. Their landscaping designs are visually stunning and environmentally sustainable, enhancing project ambiance.

As a leading engineering consulting firm in Saudi Arabia, Hatch Architects is redefining architectural spaces and shaping the future of the field. Their recognition by Luxury Lifestyle Awards among the Top 100 Architects and Designers of the World underscores their commitment to quality, innovation, and capturing the essence of their client’s visions, making them one of the best in luxury architecture and design.

Hatch Architects
Hatch Architects
Hatch Architects
Hatch Architects
Hatch Architects
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