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Concentric Circle by Mojo Design Studio




Category: Best Luxury Apartment Interior Design for Concentric Circle in Taiwan

 The designer of this exquisite project was Ching-Hsiang Pen who designed the space with this in mind: “home is permanent, it is a haven for the family, a place that unites people as a whole.”

The design is based on the concept of concentric circles and the artist uses this concept to interpret the spatial movement, aiming to link family boundaries through the design, and through the guidance of space, in order to increase and encourage interaction and communication between family members.

The living room is designed in an open style, with the TV placed in the center of the apartment to prevent unwanted reflections, while allowing the natural light to seep through the window into the study. The half-circle design on both sides of the TV wall is intended to symbolize the embrace and care of a family. Glass sliding doors are used to play with space and create flexibility so that residents can mold the space to their needs.

The designer especially envisioned the kitchen table and the work surface with different heights, and combined the dining table with the bar, so that each family member interact in this space.

Ching-Hsiang Pen maintains that the biggest challenges of this project were to balance the different style preferences and living habits of each family member and transform them into an aesthetic home space.  By reinterpreting the layout, space, and boundaries, and using lines and specific materials to extend the visualization of the space, the family connections are united in this space.

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