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BAYTEE BY DALIA ABOU EL SEOUD is a Cairo-based firm specializing in interior design, architecture, and furniture design since 2000. The company’s founding CEO is interior designer Dalia Abou El Seoud, who has extensive experience in decorating residential and commercial spaces. BAYTEE BY DALIA ABOU EL SEOUD s team aims to turn design ideas into works of art, bringing comfort and warmth to people’s lives. 

BAYTEE approaches design as a process of filling space with meaning and character. For Dalia Abou El Seoud and her team, interior design is a reflection and extension of the homeowner’s personality. The company’s design projects demonstrate a unique combination of creative vision and functionality to utilize space in the most stylish and graceful way possible. 

Spaces created by the BAYTEE are inspired by characters, and subsequently, they themselves turn out to have character, gain meaning, give emotion, and convey messages. Through close collaboration with the client, the designers endow the interior with color combinations, textures, fabrics, and trends that match the client’s taste and vision. Every detail and every aspect of the interior becomes meaningful, and the space itself enters into a creative dialogue with its surroundings.   

With all the variety of BAYTEE projects, all of them are distinguished by ultra-modern design, sophisticated luxury, expertly chosen natural color palette, and skillful play of light and shade, creating a comfortable space for everyone. 

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