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Ahn&Partners, under the visionary leadership of esteemed space designer Minwoo Ahn, has emerged as a pioneer in the field of architecture and interior design. Recognized among the Top 100 Architects and Designers of the World, the firm has redefined spatial experiences by integrating architecture, interior, and landscaping in a harmonious manner. 

Minwoo Ahn’s distinctive approach combines a deep understanding of architectural structures with a keen focus on user experience, setting Ahn&Partners apart in a competitive field. Their commitment to providing spatial experience solutions that are both visually simple and functionally superior is evident in their diverse portfolio, ranging from luxurious residential interiors to large-scale mixed-use commercial projects. 

The company’s core values revolve around analysis-based strategic planning, consistent project concept development, and innovative space experience design. This approach is applied to projects of varying scales, ensuring creative solutions aligned with the unique experiential purpose of each space. 

Ahn&Partners’ diverse work proves their open attitude and professionalism. The portfolio includes a mix ranging from luxurious residential interiors to large-scale mixed-use commercial projects. Each project is a showcase of Ahn&Partners’ commitment to providing the best space for people through an integrated lifestyle platform development process by broadening the boundaries of design to encompass real estate product development.

In 2023, Ahn&Partners achieved global recognition, winning 14 prestigious awards across multiple countries, including Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the United States, and Korea. Honors such as the iF Design Award, GDA Award, A’ Design Award, and others underscore the excellence of Ahn&Partners in experience design. 

Looking ahead, Ahn&Partners sees their recognition as a Top 100 firm not as a destination but as a stepping stone. The company aims to evolve into a world-class design consultancy, expanding its reach in integrated real estate product development. This transformative journey is fueled by values of openness, creativity, and innovation, all directed towards humanity, with a goal to present buildings as a lifestyle platform. 

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