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The birth of TheraVine™ and the story of how a self-made company grew to feature in some of South Africa and the world’s most renowned hotels and spas started after Lisa Smit, developer and founder of the award winning TheraVine™ spa brand, completed her studies in Stellenbosch and became the Manageress of 2 of the only Hydro’s in South Africa at the time. She could never understand why only French products were used in these facilities and often found herself wondering why no South African brands were considered ‘good’ enough to serve these establishments.

After a long road of research and experimentation, Lisa created TheraVine™, a world-class ultra-active, result driven health and skincare range exceeding all expectations in the health and skincare industry.

The brand’s formulations consist of many different multi-generational variations and cultivars of grape technologies, from different parts of the grape and vine to benefit the skin in various ways – from signs of the first wrinkles to the reversal of the deepest. It is also one of only 2 skin care brands in the world that make use of these multi-generational, stabilised grape actives.

TheraVine™’s success has grown well beyond the borders of South Africa and its popularity and ever growing demand is evident by its presence in over 200 exclusive spas and salons throughout South Africa, together with the appointment of leading international distributors to spas, salons and top-tier retail stores.

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