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Luna MicroCare




LUNA MICROCARE system by Imperial Bioscience Laboratories is an easy-to-use, effective, non-invasive, and risk-free anti-aging treatment.

Imperial Bioscience Laboratories was established by researchers who specialise in biotechnology and transdermal delivery systems. They had an aspiration of turning their respective knowledge and experiences into practical applications and solutions. Imperial Bioscience is leveraging these efforts with extraordinary results.

As a research and development company specialising in Aesthetic Medicine Solutions, we pride ourselves on helping people to maintain their youth and beauty more effectively than traditional cosmetic applications; more safely and conveniently than clinical interventions. We always strive to bring together science, technology and beauty.

We have dreamed of turning our respective knowledge, experience, and research into practical applications. Our focus at Imperial Bioscience Laboratories is understanding changes in the skin’s appearance and creating solutions that overcome the limitation of conventional skincare products. As a result, we have recently launched the innovative Luna Microcare® Series.

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