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Skin Glow




Skin Glow is an advanced skincare company in Botswana focused on the development and research of excellent quality and affordable skincare products that provide solutions to many different and unique skincare concerns. 

Founded by Kitso Alicia Madile, telecommunications engineer with a keen passion and interest in problem centric entrepreneurship, the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur recently won the Top 16 Female Entrepreneurs in Botswana for the Export Trade Training Program. Skin Glow has three company pillars namely research, innovation, and science. The skincare company uses high grade ingredients that provide solutions to skincare problems, specifically found in Africans. These high-quality ingredients provide different solutions to different skincare problems. The company seeks to bring an infusion of high quality Western and African ingredients to produce advanced and superior skincare products, unlike other products available on the market. The dynamic company prides itself in the fact that their products are inspired by distinctive chemical properties of the individual ingredients and oils that they use. 

Skin glow are the new and exciting purveyors of hydrating, moisturizing and rejuvenating products such as their pineapple and papaya exfoliating face wash or Kalahari melon seed oil-anti blemish day cream. Users of this innovative skincare brad can expect great results within a few weeks of using Skin Glow Products. 

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