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The Athenian House




The Athenian House in Santorini Greece ventures towards its fourth season, with one of the most internationally acclaimed Greek chefs, Christoforos Peskias, considered the pioneer of Greek new cuisine. Peskias creates a menu inspired by his favorite cuisine, where sun, salt, and Mediterranean ingredients mingle into a combination of tastes and flavors. From his childhood roots in the Middle East to his passion for Japanese and Asian cuisines, Peskias remains faithful to Greek tradition, as he seals The Athenian House dishes with his very own magical touch. Peskiasā€˜ menu is supremely complemented by an exquisite wine pairing with Greek wines chosen by the pioneer oenologist Panos Zouboulis, including a special selection of Santorini vintages. The multitalented mixologist Alexandros Gkikopoulos signs the exclusive list of drinks along with the Athenian Signature cocktails, all based on Greek spirits.

The Athenian House promises another gastronomic journey, in vintage decor, on one the most breathtaking sunset spots on the Santorini Caldera.

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