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UBD Global – Caroline Usher




Category: Top 100 Architects and Designers of the World

Category: Best Luxury Restaurant Interior Design for The CAVE by Chef Ryan Clift at The Edge Resort, Bali, Indonesia

UBD is an interior design firm in Bali that was founded in 2010 and has been the purveyor of many successful interior design projects in hospitality and commercial project interiors. The diverse team at UBD has different specialized skill sets that translate the visions of their client’s dreams into reality.

Founder Caroline Usher and her business partners Agung and Fariz are passionate about the perfect marriage between all moving design components. Each team member is specialized in different areas to collaborate perfectly as a team, and to create the perfect design synchronization within their projects. For their unique project, The Cave, the team provided dedicated services for the completion of the masterpiece.

When guests arrive at the Cave, they will descend a spiral staircase that takes one back in time. Guests will pass temples, shrines, and artifacts that guide their path. There is a sense of magic around you as you reach the base of The Cave and walk along the lava stone floor. The fabrics, sound, and furniture have all been delivered uniquely to meet the extraordinary challenges of the underground venue, without having to compromise the style. UBD created The Cave to be a place of tranquility and peace, where natural design and human design work musically together.

UBD creates an experience, story, or a place where their clients can truly feel at home and comfortable in their space.


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