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KYDO prides itself on offering inventive interior design and signature craftsmanship across a range of commercial and residential projects.

KYDO was established in Taipei in 2011 by founder and director Liao KengYu and is renowned for transforming spaces into artistic creations. KengYu’s vision, which spans Eastern and Western cultures, is reflected through tailor-made, exclusive details and expert craftsmanship. He believes every space should tell a unique story.

This year KYDO has been recognized for Best Luxury Restaurant Interior Design 2022 for Dikeyuwo in Taipei, Taiwan. This is the second year they have been recognized with this award.

The space was originally home to Dick’s Place, the eponymous bar, and reopened in 2021 as Dikeyuwo, offering a range of spaces with different functions, including a snack bar, cafe, bar, restaurant, tearoom, and private venue.

Dikeyuwo is spread over two floors, and every corner incorporates the historical elements of the city with its Japanese and European heritage while blending the past with the present.

The coffee bar and bar have their own, dedicated design – stylish, welcoming, and warm. The pure white staircase leads to the second floor and the private rooms with their minimalist design paired with vintage Western furniture. The Zen-like tearoom is also found on the 2nd floor.

KYDO has created an oasis for guests to escape, letting the textures and materials do the talking in a luxury space that is the perfect venue for relaxation.

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