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W Osaka Teppanyaki MYDO by GLAMOROUS co.,ltd.




GLAMOROUS co.,ltd. has recently won a Luxury Lifestyle Award in the category of Best Luxury Restaurant Interior Design for W Osaka Teppanyaki MYDO.

For this project, the team aimed to combine the unique culture of Osaka with “food and beverage,” one of the concepts on which the W Hotel places great emphasis, with a sense of boldness, intellectuality, and dynamism, while also serving as a venue for the creation of new culture.

The approach of this restaurant is separated from the W hotel’s and making the most of its unique layout, various shaped partitions are lined up along. The designed partitions are placed just like “Art” with own will and it brings the daylight into the restaurant like sunshine filtering through foliage. Then at night, it gives the liveliness leaking out of the warm light which would remind guests “ANDON”, a paper‐framed lamp used in feudal Japan. Every visitor will go through the entrance to this Teppanyaki Restaurant with such impressions.

Hereupon, a fantastic world spreads out in front of the eyes, the light from the bottom of wine bottles shimmering and sparkling. The space inspired by wine curve, and they use glossy black materials here and there to reflect the light effectively, which creates a sense of depth. By enveloping with gorgeous light effects beyond the imagination, it makes the interior space separated from the outside atmosphere. In this ambiance, guests are getting ready for the time to begin for enjoying themselves to the full and making the hearts dance for joy and expectations. Then, guests find the unique 3 spaces to experience the culture, history, customs and playfulness unique to Osaka, which however successfully make difference from the typical Japanese-style teppanyaki restaurant.

For instance, “White and Gold” area on the left side and “Black and Silver” area on the right side have completely different looks. With the original paint, art, typography and other materials, guests can feel the excitement of Osaka’s unique wit, sense, dynamism and tremendous feeling of unity, which no one can experience and feel invigorated anywhere else. The “VIP room” has Arts emerging in the jet-black world, where private gallery to be held just for each guest, and provide them with every luxury imaginable or even more. With a variety of rooms with different looks and charms, guests will want to come back again and again and create their own favourite areas.

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