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El Toro Bar & Restaurant by Grisanti & Cussen Interior Design / Concept Studio




Grisanti & Cussen is an Interior Design and Concept Developer Studio, created in 2007 by Designer Kana Cussen and Architect Hugo Grisanti. The studio is mainly focused in the interior architecture and  design of Hotels, Restaurants, Cultural Projects, Corporate Headquarters and Residential

Grisanti & Cussen´s seal is to create atemporal atmospheres, as oposed to the Experience Design vogue, developing concepts with very diverse aestethic results.

Grisanti & Cussen is a studio characterized for using sense of humor as well as irony, in order to achieve the creation of unique spaces that recall diverse and sometimes surreal places, which make their users feel in a very distant voyage through time and space.

Some of their most emblematic projects — Hotel Bidasoa, Hotel Castillo Rojo, and the Arauco Cultural Center — have received recognition from important international institutions such as “Small Luxury Hotels of the World”. Among the international publications that have distributed their work are “Luxury Defined by Cristies Real Estate” and “Arch Daily”, among others. They have also received several awards at Casacor and Casa FOA showings in Chile. In 2015, they were also named best decorators in the country by ED Magazine.

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