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DiA | Design-Itude Associates




DiA | Design-Itude Associates is a full-service architectural and interior design studio known for its fresh and innovative approach, transforming your dreams into reality. With over two decades of experience and offices strategically located in London, Cairo, and Kent, DiA operates seamlessly across borders, delivering bespoke solutions that merge aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. 

Founded by a group of passionate young architects, DiA began its journey with a vision to infuse modern elegance into residential and commercial environments. Evolving from a humble consultancy into a full-service design studio, DiA has garnered acclaim for their ability to conceptualize and execute projects that exceed client expectations. 

The firm’s recent accolade from Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Restaurant Interior Design, awarded for their work on Tobis African Restaurant in South East England, UK, highlights DiA’s prowess in creating culturally immersive dining experiences. This project showcases their adeptness at blending African vibrancy with contemporary sophistication, evident in the vibrant color schemes, traditional patterns, and bespoke furniture selections that define the space. 

DiA’s commitment to sustainability is integral to their design philosophy, reflected in their conscientious use of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems. This dedication not only underscores their environmental responsibility but also enriches the narrative of each project, promoting a harmonious balance between aesthetics and sustainable practices. 

With a portfolio spanning across 12 countries and encompassing more than 500 successfully completed projects, DiA continues to redefine architectural and interior design paradigms. Their multidisciplinary team, led by Principal Ahmed Youssef, combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of client needs, ensuring each endeavor is meticulously tailored to enhance both spatial aesthetics and user experience. 

As DiA | Design-Itude Associates looks toward the future, their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and client satisfaction remains unwavering, solidifying their reputation as a leader in luxury design on the global stage. 

DiA | Design-Itude Associates
DiA | Design-Itude Associates
DiA | Design-Itude Associates
DiA | Design-Itude Associates
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