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Mia Nha Trang




Where Nature’s paradise meets man-made ingenuity.

Facing one of the Vietnam’s finest beaches; it simply doesn’t get much better than this luxury, five star resort nestled between a secluded, private beach and the breathtaking cliffs of Nha Trang – a mere 20 minutes’ drive from Cam Ranh Airport or Nha Trang City.

Designed with ecofriendly principals, ultimate luxury and comfort in mind; blended with contemporary living, and with staff that always puts you first. Mia will provide you with a relaxing, unique experience that you will remember forever. Set on the slopes of a Nha Trang mountain range, nestled in a quiet bay surrounded by lush tropical gardens and the pristine waters of the East Sea, Mia is unequalled in its beauty, serenity and hospitality.

Designed to harmoniously merge into the natural scenery, each of its 83 rooms is a low-rise, grass roof structure looking out on to the ocean. The lush, manicured gardens create a heavenly hideaway, guarantee absolute privacy and a feeling of complete tranquility. The option of your own private pool, luxury in-room amenities, all the modern conveniences you could possibly want and the dedicated service offered by our Mia team will ensure you feel pampered, relaxed and at home.

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