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Vela Interior Co., Ltd




Category: Best Luxury Residential Interior Design for IDEO Q Sukhumvit 36 in Bangkok, Thailand

Vela Interior is an award-winning interior design company based in Bangkok and they offer turnkey interior design, furniture design services, and interior architecture for both commercial and residential property types. Their team of passionate designers is excellent at interpreting each client’s style to provide exclusive and extraordinary interiors on a personalized level for everyone. 

The company prides itself on its distinctive taste for design as well as close communication with its clients and design team. The dynamic design team integrated their client’s needs with their expertise to provide a total design solution that creates an exceptional design experience for their clients. Vela Interior’s process enables a clear understanding of their client’s expectations and to achieve this, they work together from the very first day they receive their project to ensure that the design relationship follows their clients’ budget, timing, and desires.  

Whether you are looking to wow your guests with unique and good quality interior design for your private home or impress patrons with luxurious amenities designed for your commercial space, Vela Interior is your one-stop-shop for all things interior design-related. The dynamic team will assist you with the design process from beginning to end and will ensure that you are impressed with their services. They keep up to date with global interior design trends so that their workmanship reflects their fine quality products, taste, and style.  


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