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Tim Clarke Design




Category: Best Luxury Residential Interior Design for California Lighthouse in Santa Monica, California, USA 

Tim Clarke Design Studio, located in Santa Monica, California, was opened in 1996 by Tim Clarke to help clients gain opulent homes that will also improve their lives and capture their personal essence. 

The studio was established 26 years ago as a place for the team to workshop concepts and transform ideas into designs that are timeless, liveable and casually elegant -their trademark. 

Tim Clarke Design has created comfortable and informal interiors for a variety of. They greatly value reclaimed materials and many of their projects feature reclaimed wood, tile and stone floors, beams, and wood ceilings. 

The team at Tim Clarke approach every project as though it is their first, and the company has a comprehensive list of services on offer for their esteemed clients. 

Known for an informal coastal aesthetic, Tim Clarke often brings Californian, beach elements to a project. California Lighthouse is a lavish, Central Coast home that boasts a calming whitewash of color, along with a neutral color palette. The home is designed and intended to be filled with family and friends. Light is invited in through many different ways, and there is an endless view of the sea and the sky, enveloping guests in this Californian dream. Additional features pay homage to the ocean, and the minimalistic style invites guests to relax.  

 “Our work is about making people feel good; it goes beyond the superficial. We make people’s lives better because they feel better in their space.”  

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