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Private Villa by Mouhajer International Design




Moving beyond just the design and aesthetics, Mouhajer International Design brings architecture, ‎‎engineering and interior design together to create luxury living experiences & recognized as the Best ‎Interior Design Companies in Dubai UAE.

With the beginning of the new millennium, Mouhajer project started out by Maher Mouhajer , as a geometrical base that formed a consistent pyramidal ascent. This is because it has begun to draw features and images for the imagination which we are keen to make tangible reality recognized by our customers. This imagination has drawn wider steps for the company to get further into world of design. In fact, the high level capacity of the company has contributed to the variation of its business in the field of design such as private houses, prestigious hotels, presidential offices and embassies with all their internal and external furnishings, complex diversity and infinite requirements.

Private Villa impressive home required multiple details that reflected the owner’s tastes and status. From eye-catching chandeliers to rich textiles, the team drew on their ability to add signature styles throughout. This included sourcing ornate rococo style furniture and creating wall motifs within spa and pool areas. The property was given a cohesive palette in cooling creams with highlights of gold and rich blues. Unique artwork provides conversational points, and lighting is used to provide both practical and indulgent charm. This eye for detail approach showcased Mouhajer International Design as a leader in creating luxury residential projects with consistency and refinement and a worthy winner of The Best Luxury Residential Interior Design title.

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