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‘Pine Tree Villa’ by GAO Architects




Interior design equals love—love of enchanting objects, beautifully lit spaces, fragrant homes and halls filled with beautiful music. It also equals respect—respect for the people who use the interiors daily. 

The internationally acclaimed firm GAO architects was founded in Ljubljana in 1999 by Petra Zakrajšek, who continues to serve as its CEO and leading architect. One of our defining features is our openness to different ways of life and perceptions of the function and aesthetics of spaces. Each project offers us unique challenges that—as we combine the clients wishes with our professional expertise—always paves the way for the creation of light, furniture, colours, textures, materials and the indispensable visual image of the spaces. The implementation of each project is based on sincerity, trust and a deepened relationship with the client. Our mission is to create a unique story about a space, breathe new character into it, and find a connecting thread that transforms it into something grander—an apartment into a warm shelter, a business space into a company’s individual identity or a ballroom into one’s second home. 

The design team for the Pine Tree Villa interior design (Petra Zakrajšek, Urška Černigoj and Jerko Gluščević) tried to achieve a good balance between classic and contemporary and place the design within the existing architectural volumes in an organic and coherent way. 

Photos by Miran Kambič

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