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Mr. Hendry Modern House 2 Floors Design by Emporio Architect




EMPORIO ARCHITECT knows no boundaries when it comes to creating the absolute best architecture and interior design services. Quality and satisfaction above everything else have become the primary motivation to put smiles on all the clients’ faces. EMPORIO ARCHITECT has rendered over 1000 designs that are widespread across the globe. There are over 45 experienced architects that put every thought, effort, skilled accuracy and pour it into a masterpiece.

Living in a super cosy house is everyone’s ultimate dream. In realizing that goal, it’s important to apply the perfect interior of the house. Mr. Hendry Modern House 2 Floors Design by Emporio Architect displays a modern luxury concept that guarantees comfort and classy vibes. Every area and room is accurately calculated based on function, capacity, and circulation, along with the application of warm lighting and indoor plants as an accent that decorates the room is the ground principle to achieve the most comfortable ambiance of the room. Meanwhile, the luxurious aspect comes through the use of classy materials such as marble and wood. Even more compelling, this abode is facilitated with a multimedia room and a study room that can also be used as a workspace or another entertainment space that will be extra useful, especially during the pandemic that forces everyone to stay longer at home.

Not surprisingly that EMPORIO ARCHITECT became the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Residential Interior Design for ‘Mr. Hendry Modern House 2 Floors Design’ in Indonesia. 

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