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MGA: Specialists in Premium Residential Interior Design

Manuel García Asociados -MGA– is a renowned studio specializing in corporate and premium residential interior design. Located in the heart of the Costa Blanca in Alicante, their strategic location allows them to create exceptional “turnkey” projects across the Mediterranean area.

At the core of the studio is the creative duo formed by Manuel García and Belén Moratalla, whose passion for their work and pursuit of excellence defines their modus operandi. Their design philosophy revolves around values such as harmony, elegance, and timelessness, which serve as the signature elements of their projects.

“As lovers of a well-done job, we take on each commission as if it were our own, taking care of every detail and imprinting passion and dedication in each phase of the project”.

Drawing from their extensive experience in the residential interior design sector, they ensure highly personalized projects that cater to every client’s unique needs. With almost two decades of experience, their focus remains on building homes that exude happiness—a vision crafted for extraordinary clients. “Our goal is your happiness.”

MGA not only delivers homes with exquisite and functional designs but also provides clients with a personalized and enjoyable experience throughout the entire design and construction process. “We take care of every detail, ensuring that you relish both the end result and the journey.”

To achieve this, MGA offers “turnkey” projects, meticulously preparing all the necessary graphic documentation, resolving construction details, and overseeing the project’s execution. As a single point of contact, they promptly address any eventualities that may arise on-site.

Backed by a team of experienced professionals in the field, MGA guarantees excellence and high execution standards, eliminating any potential failures, unforeseen events, or risks.

Fuelled by their passion for meticulous work and an eye for detail, in 2022, they expanded the studio by launching MGA Concept Store—an inviting showroom at street level. This unique space features a carefully curated selection of furniture, decoration, and works of art in a warm minimalistic style. Each object, sourced from national and international firms, adds value through design, manufacturing process, or materials used—each treated as a work of art in a carefully lit environment.

If you dream of undertaking a project in Spain, allow MGA to embark on this exciting journey towards your happiness. Contact their team and share the project of your life with them.

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