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Mansan House by Molins Design




MOLINS DESIGN  is a Barcelona-based design studio with an extensive portfolio of exquisite projects, including homes, restaurants, second residences, commercial, and outdoors. Founded in 1979 by Toni and Juan Molins, the studio is a well-coordinated multidisciplinary team of professionals, which allows it to take a comprehensive approach and create integral design projects.

With a long trajectory of more than 40 years, their hard work has borne outstanding fruit, and the studio continues to delight clients and connoisseurs of premium design and architecture with exquisite projects to this day. Molins team  composed by a group of internal professionals and regular collaborators covers different areas such as architecture, interior design, interior decoration, product design, landscaping, styling and marketing.

Molins Design work goes the extra mile to infuse spaces with elegance, comfort, attention to detail, and the latest technological developments. The positive result is ensured by the coordinated work of a team that combines their expertise to achieve common goals.


Mansan House is a 450 square meter, three-level house and one of the most sophisticated projects of Molins Design. Focused on the search for ideas to make the most of the available space, the reform captured the attention of the expansion of useful meters of the home, as well as the contribution of more practical solutions as far as open spaces are concerned.

There are rooms on the upper level, daily use areas on the street level, as well as a spa area and a garage in the basement. Molins Design made changes to both the exterior and the interior of the house, creating a coherent aesthetic and enhancing its functionality. The designers decided to cover the upper-level terraces, completely renovated the façade, developed a new original staircase, and significantly increased the kitchen space while keeping it highly functional.

During the renovation several changes were made in favor of functionality, along with a careful and coherent aesthetic. In Mansan House there is a luxury interior design typical of the city of Madrid. In this house, new architectural changes are provided, as well as various decorative and design contributions both exterior and interior rooms.

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