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MAD Studio





Best Luxury Residential Interior Design in Egypt

Mahmoud Abbas Designs (MAD Studio) is a fully integrated creative design house and contracting company that specializes in a wide range of services, including conceptual brand idea development, interior design, furniture design and production. The MAD Studio team offers a full range of work, from planning and design to support and maintenance of the completed project.

The studio was established in 2008 in Cairo. Its founder, Mahmoud Abbas, embodied in MAD Studio his desire for uniqueness and daring solutions that may seem risky and out of the ordinary, but always offer a refined combination of beauty and practicality.

MAD Studio believes that nothing is impossible, and the desired design can always be implemented at the highest level, resorting to creativity and creative solutions. In the studio’s projects, you are likely to find seemingly incompatible details or styles that create unexpected, and at the same time charming beauty and harmony.

During the studio’s existence, its hallmark has been a whimsical mixture of styles, a mix of flowing forms and strict geometric shapes, building bridges between the ancient and modern. The interiors created by MAD Studio designers use all the available potential of the space, so that every corner of it becomes part of a work of art, so attractive to live in and enjoy to the fullest.

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