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Lowree Tynes Design




Project: Noah’s Ark

Lowree Tynes Design is a Bahamas-based art and design firm that was founded in 2015 by Lowree Tynes, a vivacious, inspirational woman with a passion for her home country, the Bahamas, and a commitment to creative excellence.

Offering full-service interior design studio services across a range of residential, commercial and hospitality clients, Lowree Tynes Design is the name to trust for the professional execution of design projects. Lowree Tynes Design’s work is characterized by an attention to detail and level of sophistication that comes with natural skill, honed talent, years of experience and well nurtured patience.

In 2022, Luxury Lifestyle Awards crowned Lowree Tynes Design winner in the category Best Luxury Residential Interior Design for Noah’s Ark, The Bahamas. Noah’s Ark is a coral-colored room in an adored home that Tynes transformed into a texturally vibrant and culturally rich section of the house where residents can gather, unwind and find a fresh dose of inspiration.

Using neutral colors such as whites and light browns to complement the vibrant coral, Tynes relies on the use of mirrors, clocks and art to cover the walls and create a unique warmth. True to the Bahaman setting, she incorporates elements of the ocean, be it through vases filled with sea shells or cushion covers with delicate coral designs, and it is brought alive by pieces of early Bahaman life that pay homage to the countries history.

“I’m really inspired by the history, art, culture and various architectural influences of the Bahamas. All these elements, complemented by different professional experiences, help me embrace each brief with a sense of innovation and a desire to produce work that not only impresses the client but also moves them in a way that only design can,” reflects Tynes.

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