Situated in Taipei, Taiwan, JDID is a boutique home design studio.

A boutique home design studio focused on designing timeless and contemporary spaces that place beauty and quality above trends. Led by Design Director JDY, this award-winning studio offers a complete design concept and development service, including the execution and final configuration of furniture and decorative elements. Driven by the philosophy of ‘form follows function’, JDY ensures that each space is visually consistent with its function.

A space is visually aligned with its function or defining element, whether it is the flow, light, level or plane of the room, or the habits, emotions or purpose of the inhabitants in that space. By bringing these two concepts together, JDID is able to create meaningful forms that are stunning in their nature. As a result, JDID does not have a signature technique, palette or theme that defines the work of the studio. Instead.

Each project can be linked to the studio through its attention to rationality, which is reinforced by sensual details.

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