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HWCD (Wharf One LiangMa)




Company Name: HWCD

Selected Category:Luxury Residential Interior Design

Country: China

Company Website: www.h-w-c-d.com

Project NameWharf One LiangMa

Project Brief Introduction:

The project is located in the art district of Beijing,Hermes brand products are extensively used throughout the space to highlight its elegant and luxurious taste. This case advocates the expression of quality, innovation and fashion. The whole space contains huge spatial imagination and the simple modules repelled any constraint and depression. You will find the integration of natural texture and delicate art when entering into the space. All the flowing lines portray the elegant lifestyle and paint an artistic environment.

Completion Date2020.12


Responsible Manager’s name and contact details:

Erica Meng

Tel:86 18601692719


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