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E.K Architecture & Design L.L.C




E.K. Architecture & Design is a dynamic company founded in 2021 by Eirini Kalligeri, offering interior design and architectural services. Their portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from high-class residential properties to restaurants and public spaces. They excel in creating unique designs, blending classic and modern styles with luxury details. E.K. Architecture & Design LLC has been recognized by Luxury Lifestyle Awards as Best Luxury Residential Interior Design for their exceptional project, Goldenwood in Cyprus.

The company’s mission is to provide genuine services that cater to clients’ specific requirements. They leverage advanced technology and state-of-the-art design programs to combine architecture with high-tech solutions. Every design aims to make the most of available space, creating impressive and distinctive outcomes.

E.K. Architecture & Design focuses on delivering integrated architectural services of superior quality, ensuring modern aesthetic adaptation to existing environments. Their approach involves modern planning methods, considering all project-related factors and incorporating bioclimatic design principles. They also prioritize client satisfaction, functional comfort, and the use of modern construction technologies.

Their extensive portfolio includes projects ranging from single residential developments to commercial buildings, as well as furniture and object design. The company takes pride in their fresh and innovative approach to contemporary building design, embracing projects of all sizes with meticulous precision.

E.K. Architecture & Design is well-versed in all aspects of interior design and architectural detailing. They provide expertise for local planning submissions and deliver highly detailed drawings and specifications for building regulations.

In summary, E.K. Architecture & Design is a forward-thinking company that combines artistic vision, technical expertise, and advanced technology to create exceptional interior design and architectural solutions. Their commitment to unique and impressive designs, paired with their use of cutting-edge tools, ensures the delivery of extraordinary spaces that surpass client expectations.


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