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Done Interior




Category: Best Luxury Residential Interior Design for Done Interior Project in Kuwait

Done Interior are an interior design & furniture company based in Kuwait city and describe themselves as being “definers of opulent experiences”. They provide luxurious and exquisite living creations and aim to deliver high quality designs and develop modern, lively experiences that are distinctive and memorable.

Done Interior is well known for their impeccable taste when combining innovative and imaginative pieces, always setting furniture trends and raising the bar of the industry standards. Their highly qualified and trained team pushes boundaries and enjoys the freedom of exploring beauty from untraditional perspectives while providing and manufacturing customized designs on any scale. Their elite clients chose them because Done Interior aims to meet their expectations completely.

Having won countless awards for her exceptional designs, and having been featured on the covers of recognizable publications such as Gulf Business, International Property and Travel, and Zafaf , amongst others, Noor Bin Eidan is establishing a new path for Kuwaiti entrepreneurs – inspiring women to follow their passions and achieve their dreams.

Done Interior “experiments” – as they describe their projects – utilize layers of textures and materials with a wide variety of fabrics and materials such as velvet, silk, marble, metal, leather, and crystal. Materials are creatively and artistically matched to cater for the customized masterpieces that will meet the clients’ needs and expectations.

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