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Belga Design is a Moroccan company founded in 2017 specializing in interior architecture and furniture design. The firm was brought to life by the interior architect and painter Salma Belga, who has over 9 years of experience in the field. Luxury Lifestyle Awards has chosen Belga Design as the deserved recipient of an award in the category Best Luxury Residential Interior Design, 2023, for their project, Villa CH.

Salma has an artistic and refined style and believes in the power of the image to transform everyday life. Proud of her attention to detail, she brings quality and love to all her creations.

Her expertise, know-how, and understanding of innovative interior decoration allow her to choose and combine colors, patterns, materials, textiles, volumes, coverings, and lighting, as well as harmonize furniture layout and accessories, to offer a unique ambiance and atmosphere, and bring pleasure to the eye of the modern audience.

Salma and her team value spaces, giving them a unique identity related to the desired universe.

Villa CH is a modern, luxurious villa with a Moroccan touch and unique conception, filled with rich, traditional, and modern furnishings and clean lines. The team used wood and stone covering, and a neutral palette consisting of grey, taupe, and beige, which contrasted with a darker color hue. This design concept was pulled through every interior element.

Belga Design consciously made use of materials with the lowest environmental impact and are free from chemical products.


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