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Beautiful Ideas




Beautiful Ideas (BI) is a multi-divisional company with a focus on creative designs and innovative solutions. The company was founded in 2007, and since then, for 14 years, it has been successfully living up to its name, implementing beautiful ideas for residential and commercial spaces locally and internationally.

In 2021 the professional achievements of the BI Designs team were highly appreciated by the expert committee of the global Luxury Lifestyle Awards, and the company became the multi-award winner in three categories at once. The award-winning projects are:

  • Odenigbo (The Best Luxury Residential Interior designs in Nigeria);
  • Tropic Galleria (The Best Luxury Commercial Interior designs in Nigeria);
  • Royal Palm Hotel (The Best Luxury Hotel Interior design in Nigeria).

Every Beautiful Ideas (BI) project is the result of the dedicated and coordinated work of a team of creative and highly qualified specialists in various fields. During its activity, the company has become one of the leaders in the interior design industry through a harmonious mix of beauty, creativity, comfort, safety, durability, precision, and timeliness. This fascinating combination allows BI to create stories that inspire people and build relationships.

Beautiful Ideas (BI) provides impeccable services in the areas of Project Management, Facelifts/Renovation and Remodeling, Design Development, Space Planning, Interior Styling, Furniture Design, Luxury Rental, Logistics, Event Design, and Supplies. However, Beautiful Ideas goes beyond this list, offering each client a full range of services needed to fully turn their dreams into reality.

Through its unique approach, BI Designs identifies each client’s personal style and preferences to reflect their individuality in their space. By working closely with clients and partners, the Beautiful Ideas team is able to share their inspiration, design intent, consider project scope and budget before work begins. Preparation for projects also includes a thorough review of their specifications and ongoing communication with the client, sending briefs and conceptual presentations that provide insight into BI Designs‘ vision for the project.

Beautiful Ideas takes full responsibility for the project and handles all the logistics themselves, allowing customers to focus on more important matters. The BI Designs team specialists contact vendors and suppliers to ensure the best purchasing prices, place orders, manage budgets, and maintain transparency and timing throughout all phases of the project. The project management team acts on behalf of clients and competently represents their interests in all aspects, including Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment programs, masterworks integration, and production progress.

By providing a wide range of high-quality services in their professional field, Beautiful Ideas has a positive impact on both individuals and entire organizations, thereby contributing to the well-being and success of society.

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