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Altamimi Private Villa By M Interior




M Interior is an Interior Design office that is founded by the Saudi interior designer, Mona Al-Akeel. It is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and holds the first Certification from the Saudi Council of Engineers. The office is opened for qualified and professional designers to serve the necessary resources and innovative solutions to guide our projects to the right path under the supervision of Mona Al-Akeel.

The philosophy of the studio:

Designers Do Not Work alone,

We strongly believe that building creative connections and long-lasting relationships with our clients a priority. These connections are created by including them in each step of our design process. at M interior Studio, we always encourage ourselves to understand and deliver smart and functional design strategies that best suit each project, in order to Meet our client’s ultimate satisfaction and needs. Moreover, our team is trained to engage and integrate sustainable elements in their designs.

The project Altamimi Private Villa is a private villa located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The main concept of the interior was inspired by the architectural style that is used in the project. The villa is harmoniously speaking the same language in the interior and the exterior in terms of color schemes, materials, and furniture usage. One of the special elements in the space is the fountain that is used as a subdivision between the main spaces. In this villa, we brought the exterior into the interior through the wide windows that are surrounded all over the villa which makes the exterior vegetations the main element that easily engaged with the interior. Indeed, working as a family on this villa with having a common passionate goal to ensure that we meet our client’s satisfaction makes our process more enjoyable.

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