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Albatros by Antoria Design Studio

  • 2022


The dedicated team of professional designers at Antoria Design Studio pride themselves on working closely with every client in their quest to deliver exceptional, bespoke interior design. Their Founder and visionary leader Ana Victoria brings more than 20 years of experience in interior design and construction to the company and a true passion for expressing herself through them. To this end, she has created a studio concept that focuses on delivering a sensory design experience through the clever use of materials, textures, colours and shapes while always keeping up with the latest trends. 

The company prides itself on their dynamism, innovation and excellent taste in creating exclusive furnishings and accessories to match every project individually. They work with the top manufacturers around Europe, producing versatile products and materials of the highest quality to perfectly fit every client’s needs. 

The exclusive Albatros project has been designed to unite art with the client’s lifestyle, creating an integrated space to suit their every need. The lighting has been cleverly oriented to highlight each piece of this art. The designers have introduced a creative mix of materials and a carefully chosen colour palette to complement the striking pieces for a contemporary, sophisticated look that provides a functional living space that is also comfortable and cosy. 

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