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AURUM by Arteche Investments



Arteche Investments is an artisanal development firm in Cape Town, South Africa and they skillfully incorporate the five natural elements into every real estate development of theirs, by adhering to a strong set of brand guidelines that inspires them. The innovative company combines luxury with the essence of nature to create what the team calls “Lifestyle Artistry.” A refined sense of exclusivity, nothing compares to the beauty of Mother Nature, therefore each development at Arteche skillfully mirrors the sensory beauty of nature in each element of their design work. Arteche Investments works closely with the top artisans from all over the world, recognized as world-leaders in their trade, to ensure that each aspect of the development encapsulates pure aesthetics. Arteche Investments keeps pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the real estate industry, and their pride in each project is the drive behind the teamwork and their effort.

The crown jewel of South African luxury property, their award-winning project AURUM is situated in an exclusive strip offering luxurious elegance on ocean water, with breathtaking views in the highly sought after Bantry Bay area. Each aspect of AURUM’s development has been considered carefully and each element is crafted by the best global artisans. AURUM is a R900 million marble-clad redevelopment of both the old Ambassador Hotel and the Ambassador Suites which is considered a landmark on the Atlantic Seaboard. AURUM is considered a living masterpiece and pays tribute to the incredible setting of its surrounding. The architecture is in a league of its own and is futuristic in spirit, uncompromising on quality and timeless in style and will confidently compete with the very best that Dubai, New York, or London has to offer.

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