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AQ WELLE by AQ Estate




The AQ Estate team considers properties to be more than where you live, any project can be your home. But only few can be your profit when you need to move on to the next step of life.

AQ Estate aim not only develop projects or build buildings, we plan your future. We believe in a philosophy of timeless yet functional design since, our goal is to create things that will stand the test of time, to provide our clients, their great investment returns.

Moreover, all goals will be achieved rightfully while our stakeholders will be treated with nothing but honesty.

Project AQ WELLE Asoke– Rama 9

18 units luxury residence, 3 storeys plus extra basement with private elevator and 3 private parking spaces. Inhabit the combination of modernity, elegance and luxury with an aesthetic tropical-inspired house through scrupulous space design where sophisticated innovation and technology are derived to create your superior living experience.


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