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HOFT – House of the Flying Trees by R.evolution




HOFT stands for House Of The Flying Trees and gives a unique experience of nature presence in the middle of a commercial and always bustling city.

Architects of the project: “KROKS” Dita Lapina and “Open AD” Zane Tetere-Sulce.

The project is a residential apartment complex, consisting of 2 main construction volumes – renovated 5-story historical building that goes back to 1881 and a brand-new 7-story building – within both of the facades, bonsai trees are integrated, giving an illusion of flying or levitating trees. In total there are 42 apartments in the project with their area varying from 76 sq.m. up to 232 sq.m (with an opportunity to combine and reconfigure them). Each apartment has an autonomous and spacious balcony with its width no less than 1,80 m and the height of the interior ceiling – 2,9 m. Under both of the buildings, 2-level underground parking is located that is connected to both of the buildings. Large picture windows allow residents to gaze at beautiful and picturesque views of ArtNoveau gems on the street side and levitating trees in the inner courtyard. The total area of the project reaches up to 8337 sq.m. The 3 main conceptual pillars of the project apart from the highest quality architecture and design was to preserve the building’s historical values as much as possible by renovating them, provide the nature presence and give the experience of the contemporary paintings. When opening the gates of a historic building with a completely classic façade of the 19th century, one gets into the inner yard where a sample of a modern architecture lays, but such an unusual one that gives the impression of opening a door to a wonderful hidden world, just like in Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking-Glass”. Facade has always been considered as the face of the building, but this is a brand new conceptual project where the main gem is hidden from the gaze of passersby, so the tradition of being curious and looking at what’s inside has been revived here as well.

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