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Emperor International Holdings Ltd




Emperor International Holdings, a forerunner in luxury real estate, proudly earned a respected Luxury Lifestyle Awards recently for Best Luxury Residential Development in 2023 for ‘No.15 Shouson’ in Hong Kong. This investment holding company excels in property investment, development, and hospitality services, managing a vast 5.4 million square feet portfolio across Greater China and overseas.

Their tri-engine business model underpins their remarkable success, incorporating investment properties in prime locations, residential projects, and hospitality services to ensure consistent cash flow. Established in 1990, Emperor International’s extensive property portfolio caters to a wide array of real estate needs, from luxury residences to commercial spaces.

They continue to innovate, with projects in development in prime locations such as Bonham Road, Happy Valley, and Aberdeen, maintaining their position at the forefront of residential real estate. Emperor International also excels in industrial and commercial real estate, boasting iconic office towers like Emperor Group Centre in Hong Kong.

Their flagship mall, the Pulse, offers chic dining and shopping near Repulse Bay beach, while investments in New Town Mansion in Tuen Mun provide convenience and rental stability. In Macau, Emperor Nam Van Centre is set to become an international shopping attraction.

Emperor International’s retail portfolio focuses on high-quality street-level retail spaces in key cities in Greater China and London, strategically expanding to achieve a geographically balanced property portfolio.

In hospitality, projects like The Emperor Hotel, Grand Emperor Hotel, and Inn Hotel in Macau offer luxury accommodations. The Unit Serviced Apartments provide a cozy haven in bustling areas.

‘No.15 Shouson,’ their crowning jewel, seamlessly blends modern luxury with nature’s serenity, offering residents a dynamic natural landscape within modern architecture.

With a forward-looking approach, Emperor International Holdings is poised to continue shaping the future of luxury living in Greater China and beyond.

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