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Chester & Ella by Kokoda Property





Best Luxury Residential Development for ‘Chester & Ella’ in Australia

Kokoda Property in Australia was founded with a passion for architecture and a proud pioneering spirit. The property group creates living landmarks of excellent craftsmanship, thoughtful designs, and superior quality. The award-winning luxury residences in Kokoda’s property portfolio have made the Kokoda name synonymous with style and quality, cementing their reputation as one of the country’s most respected and sought-after developers in just over 20 years.

For their project ‘Chester & Ella,’ Kokoda and architect Hayball developed two unique towers forming a sculptural statement of luxury residences made to impress. The Chester tower proudly showcases chiseled white balconies inspired by the iconic Brisbane River and the folds and canyons it holds. The Ella tower showcases golden curves which were inspired by the twists and turns of the Brisbane River flow in the beautiful Brisbane sunshine. Both towers provide every residence, a bespoke edge.

The towers are finished in crafted metallics and reflect luxury living at their finest. It comes alive with ever-changing majesty as the sun and moon change the look of the building in the metallic finishes. A seductive backdrop can be expected, and the views provided make coming home for residents, exciting and magical. Bronze balustrades add a gleaming frame to the impressive city skyline and shimmering river views. Angled concrete panels create distinctive balconies which allow its residents to look across the city and beyond.

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