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Thabat Real Estate Development




Thabat Real Estate Development stands as a beacon of luxury and innovation, proudly bearing the title of Best Luxury Residential Community for “ASEEB” in the esteemed Luxury Lifestyle Awards. Nestled within the vibrant cityscape of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, “Thabat Real Estate Development embodies a legacy of confidence and excellence, seamlessly extending the rich foundations set by Thabat Construction.

With a steadfast commitment to unveiling the Kingdom’s most promising projects and visionary ideas, “Thabat Real Estate Development curates a new urban narrative that harmonizes modernity and authenticity. This narrative unfolds within carefully selected neighborhoods, exuding contemporary charm while embracing timeless traditions. Here, urbanization is an art, and societies flourish with a touch of inspiration, all framed by verdant greenery, cutting-edge facilities, and seamlessly integrated modern technologies.

At the heart of this remarkable journey stands the award-winning “ASEEB” project, gracefully situated in the Eastern Province’s Khobar region. Comprising 53 opulent villas spread across three meticulously planned plots within the Tharwa Town master development, “ASEEB”epitomizes luxury living in every facet. Merging sustainable practices with architectural grandeur, “ASEEB” welcomes its residents to an unparalleled living experience where green spaces interlace with bespoke services and contemporary construction standards.

Beyond the opulence lies a strategic vision for economic growth and job creation. With a history rooted in pivotal sectors like oil production and a strategic East-West linkage, the region offers a fertile ground for prosperity. Bolstered by comprehensive government support spanning urban, demographic, economic, cultural, environmental, transportation, and digital domains, “ASEEB” is poised to attract businesses and kindle fresh job prospects.

Thabat Real Estate Development, a beacon of modern luxury and cultural reverence, presents “ASEEB” as more than just a residential masterpiece. It’s a testament to the future of urban living, where innovation, sustainability, and prosperity converge in a symphony of architectural brilliance.

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