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Sazar Design




Project: The Modern Villa

Sazar Design offers a truly customised design service from initial creative concepts through to delivery of a finished product that fulfils every client need. Their expert team of engineers and designers bring a varied skillset to their work across a wide range of projects, both residential and commercial. 

The visionary company prides itself in working closely with every client, tailoring their work to their individual taste and available budget while paying every attention to detail in their quest to deliver the ultimate in style and functionality. Their vision is to always deliver world-class projects in their quest to enhance any given space, both inside and out, while creating the healthiest and most aesthetically pleasing environment possible. And they are committed to providing the highest quality of design flawlessly executed every time.  

Their latest award winning project is a contemporary private residential villa in Saudi Arabia. The Modern Villa illustrates the company’s innovative design philosophy perfectly with its angled, geometric lines and variety of materials used to create greater visual impact. This is the second year in a row that Sazar Design has been the recipient of a prestigious award in the world of design.


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