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AK Designo




Category: Best Luxury Architecture (Single Residential Project) for Shameer Villa Nas Gardens

AKDESIGNO is a full-service interior design consultancy based in Dubai since 2006. The company dedicates itself to providing the most comprehensive Architectural Rendering and Designing Solutions. Using state-of-the-art equipment, up-to-date software, and high-end rendering tools, they put their utmost care and precision into envisioning clients’ designs. They are a team of passionate Architects and Designers working together to develop Exclusive Value for Money Designs. Be it Hospitality, Commercial, Healthcare, or Residential their core principle lies in embracing the Client’s requirement of design and translating them into Exclusive, Elegant, and Personalized Space. Their intense research into each project coupled with extensive market knowledge helps Clients to visualize their Dream Space, furthermore, AKDESIGNO is there for them to make sure it is made a reality.

The skilled designers pay close attention to every intricate detail, which brings out the character in space. They will turn ideas from concept to visualization in order to come as close to reality as possible. Their personnel consists of Architects, Interior Designers, and highly-skilled 3D Artists, whose combined efforts bring out the highest level of photo-realistic quality in their projects. The technical familiarity and creative combination bring out the right solution to the client’s visual and design needs. At AKDESIGNO they believe in working closely with the clients. A close-knit client relationship helps coordinate and therefore understand the project requirements better. This contributes highly to their production of only the best and highest quality presentations in Visuals and Designs.

AKDESIGNO has been creating and designing spaces for over a decade. Since its launch in 2006, they strived to establish itself as a benchmark brand offering state of art design services. When design matters, their family of interior designers, architects, and contractors are there for you. Their revolutionary and constantly evolving design methodologies offer elegant and cost-effective solutions to the clients and simultaneously balance responsibility towards enhancing a good lifestyle by implementing exclusive design trends. They build a lasting relationship with clients by creating designs based on their lifestyle trends.

Today, AKDESIGNO worked reached 12 countries and reached a milestone of over 400 projects executed, with a value of over 450 million DHS in execution works. In 2021, the company celebrated its 15 years in the industry and they look forward to reaching out to more regions and catering to a wider client base.


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