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Lucas CC Marquenie started “drawing dreams”, working as an architect in 1982, and since the foundation of the firm, their work has been focused on the pursuit of excellence in each project, creating quality architecture.

Lucas’ agency boasts a skilled team of professionals and collaborators of various specialties, with over 30 years of combined experience, also having incorporated architects, engineers, and technical architects into their company, offering a wide range of services. Directed by Lucas himself, the company is based in the southeast of Spain.

Casa Malecón, located in Garrucha, Almería (Spain), is the name of the project that has secured the architecture agency their LLA victory. Starting in September 2021, with a projected completion date of January 2023, Casa Malecón is a permanent single-family house on the beach front line in the southeast of Spain, Almería. It is located in the center of the town with views to the beach and the harbor.

Designed together with Lucas’ daughter, architect, Adelaida Marquenie, this is a first-line, four-story high property in front of the Mediterranean Sea in the middle of a town, attached to the adjacent buildings.

The intention of this project was to create a contemporary, luxury building as if it were a villa on a first-line property plot, but with the challenge of maintaining privacy and comfort, as it is in the middle of the town.

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