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Melissa Corbett & Daniela Gauch




Melissa Corbett and Daniela Gauch, co-founders of Studio Corbett+Gauch Architecture and Interiors in São Paulo, Brazil, began their journey over two decades ago with a mission to enhance value, solve problems, and fulfill clients’ dreams. Their passion, dedication, and diverse expertise have shaped projects across residential, commercial, and corporate sectors. In 2023, they pursued individual paths, yet their collective legacy was recognized when Luxury Lifestyle Awards honored them as Best Luxury Residential Architect Studio in Brazil for 2024.

Melissa and Daniela, known for their contemporary aesthetic and cost-effective solutions, prioritize personal involvement and innovation from conception to execution. Their approach sees architecture as a multidisciplinary art, balancing aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, and legal considerations. They advocate for simplicity and sustainability alongside luxury and sophistication, tailoring projects to meet client needs while enhancing living and working spaces.

Even though the two designers have established their own studios, their partnership’s success endures, marked by numerous awards and 12 consecutive years as Outstanding Professionals. Melissa focuses on valuing architecture’s nuances and client individuality in her own studio, while Daniela emphasizes minimalist yet sophisticated designs in her practice. Both continue to evolve through ongoing education and international engagement.

Melissa, a graduate of São Paulo’s Faculdade de Belas Artes, prioritizes technical expertise and individualized attention in her studio. Daniela, with degrees from the University of Miami and São Paulo’s Escola Panamericana de Artes, aims to provide a comprehensive architectural concierge service, ensuring clients’ exclusive and pleasurable experiences.

Their dedication to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction is evident in their portfolios and respective studio websites. For more information, visit http://melissacorbettarquitetura.com.br/ and http://www.danigauch.com.br/.

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