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CW London Limited





Charlie Willis London operates from Mayfair and Knightsbridge and sits at the heart of London’s prime property markets. The company buys and sells high-value properties for high-net-worth clients. Charlie utilizes all of his experience and has collaborated with world-class professionals, well-known in the business, to achieve goal-oriented results. 

Charlie Willis has been an estate agent for 3 decades now, having a consistent and proven track record of high-value transactions. These include Wellcome and Grosvenor Estates, complex leasehold scenarios around the Cadogan, cutting-edge new build developments, and charming period houses, both on and off the market. It now wonders if the dynamic estate agent was voted for Best Luxury Real Estate Broker in London, UK, 2022. 

Charlie’s unique passion for enabling the wishes and dreams of his returning clients through delivering strategic solutions that generate results makes him and his boutique team of professionals, a powerful and vigorous business. Being empowered by the marketing and technology tools of The London Broker Network, for which Charlie Willis is the CEO, CW London provides the ambitious ability to deliver a wider format service for clients in need of a global property proposition. CW London also collaborates with other experienced brokers globally, because of their well-earned reputation. Clients of Charlie Willis London are rest-assured knowing they’ll achieve their dreams and goals with this reputable company.  

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