MDA Group Real Estate

  • 2021


MDA Group Real Estate was born in 2015, but this is probably the least interesting piece of information.

In fact, MDA Group is not only a name or a registered office but a team of real estate professionals united by 3 values.

Trust, Competence and Professionalism.

These 3 pillars have allowed MDA to grow rapidly and become the reference point for luxury properties in Italian-speaking Switzerland.

Values shared by all customers. On the other hand, at the center are the people who approach the proposed services: they are the ones who give the impetus to improve day after day.

We have embraced the latest innovations, to enhance their experience throughout the process – making them the most technologically advanced in the industry. Trust, because those who turn to MDA (no matter whether to buy, sell or rent) do not want further worries: buying and selling a property is a very significant process and should not represent a difficulty.

For this reason we want to obtain a service that respects and meets the expectations of customers. Thanks to this, the latter will know that from the first moment they can rely on and trust MDA. The primary consequence of this is the control of all cases related to the sale, which the agency takes care of, so as to make the bargaining mechanisms an opportunity, and not a sacrifice.

Expertise, because the management includes over 200 luxury properties (exclusively). However, the verification of the properties takes place through due diligence to know in depth its peculiarities and merits.

Professionalism, because the team is made up solely of collaborators with long-term skills and resolute principles that will make the evolution of the purchasing process a pleasure.

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