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SmartMove Marbella




SmartMove Marbella SL redefines luxury living on the sun-kissed shores of the Costa Del Sol. The company received a deserved Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Real Estate Investment Consultancy in Costa Del Sol, 2024.

Their seasoned Real Estate Brokers boast top expertise, offering bespoke, personalized services to guide clients toward their dream property. With direct collaborations with all the foremost developers in the region, transparency is their hallmark. Clients benefit from exclusive access to the latest developments, ensuring informed decisions every step of the way.

With a wealth of offerings including 344+ New Developments, 284+ Luxury Villas, and a €350+ Million Portfolio, SmartMove Marbella SL provides a comprehensive array of options for all clients.

Elevating the experience beyond property acquisition, SmartMove Marbella’s concierge services cater exclusively to client needs. From arranging gourmet chefs to orchestrating childcare solutions, securing luxurious transportation, or chartering a yacht for an unforgettable day at sea, they curate every detail to perfection. At SmartMove Marbella, “Anything is possible” is a motto, but also a promise.

Distinction permeates every facet of their operations. Whether ensuring privacy and security or orchestrating unforgettable experiences, their dedication to quality is unquestioned. With a network of local experts and steadfast devotion to clients, SmartMove Marbella transforms their clients’ experiences into a journey of luxury and comfort.

Embark on an adventure with SmartMove Marbella. They are the trusted partner in creating the lifestyle clients have always desired, guiding them towards their slice of Costa Del Sol paradise.

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