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Category: Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Portugal

Founded in 2010 by Arthur and Geoffroy Moreno, Stone has a unique approach to its work. “At Stone, we are passionate about the story of every project we take on and we carry that story further to generate value and add to a legacy of comfort and beauty”. The Moreno duo started the firm with the ambition of participating in the rehabilitation of Lisbon’s historic areas, preserving the original architecture of the city, and maintaining the ambiance of the sites. Simultaneously, the Morenos wanted to ensure that they contributed to the city’s progression and development through unique design concepts and the use of quality materials.

By focusing on architectural, construction, and design interventions that lead to the creation and development of better neighborhoods, Stone has been able to deliver impressive work. Their portfolio of work spans schools, hotel partnerships, co-working spaces as well as residential and commercial facilities.  Most recently, the team completed rehabilitation work on Palácio Santa Helena, an iconic building that is rich in history and legacy featuring 20 uniquely designed apartments.

In 2022, Luxury Lifestyle Awards crowned Stone winner in the category of Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Portugal. The firm also received top honors in the categories of Best Luxury Residential Development for Palácio Santa Helena in Portugal and Best Luxury Residential Renovation for Palácio Santa Helena in Portugal.


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