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Company R.evolution was established 20 years ago and offers a full-cycle services, covering all real estate development stages. Total number of successfully commissioned  projects counts up to 19. Main scope of company’s activity is development of premium residential, commercial, and listed buildings segment. The fundamental values projects are based on are anti-consumption, green architecture and sustainability. Within project development, only environmentally friendly approach is favored, that is why the main emphasis is on using recycled materials, renewable energy and materials with a long-term durability. In addition to that all the buildings are human and performance oriented, and emotions provoking. This kind of approach helps to create added-value living and working space with its profitability only to increase. One of the main instruments to reach that is implementation of Intellectual development principles, aiming to create a high-quality architectural space with its moral and financial durability far exceeding average market standards.   

The main goal of R.evolution as a developer is to create a demanded space for any functional application that meets the requirements of investors and customers through a well-thought out arrangement of financial accents, maximization of effective space, and professional, transparent and timely management of all development processes throughout the entire duration of the project with all involved parties. 

Each project developed by R.evolution has a clear conceptual idea that reveals and emphasizes the symbiosis of the elements of architectural space and interior design. Architecture is not only about aesthetics and functionality, but also an important part of the image of a city that will leave a lasting mark in its history for decades ahead, that is why R.evolution search for unconventional and innovative solutions that will be viable and topical throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.  

Its mission is to create a unique space that unlocks the potential of a person and creates the opportunities, that enable him to be happy, successful, and noble. By developing such buildings, not only the quality of life of an individual is improved, but also the value of the assets of the companies that have invested in the acquisition and further use of these building. 

Within R.evolution portfolio there are such projects as HOFT, Lofts&Rosegold, Villa Milia, LEGEND., Philosophers Residence, TAL Residence, The Home. Projects’ performance and architecture has been recognized in numerous international awards, receiving prizes in such competitions as International Property Awards, Luxury Lifestyle Awards, FIABCI PRIX De’Exellence and many more. 


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