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Naseej BSC




Naseej BSC is a real estate and infrastructure development company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, covering the entire construction process from concept to completion. Naseej was founded in 2009, bringing together leading private and public sector investors to rapidly address the challenges of providing highquality and affordable housing in the region. 

Since its first year of operation, Naseej has continually grown and improved its performance. Its main services are design and master planning, development, construction, building components, mortgage facilitation, and asset management. Today, Naseej is one of Bahrain’s most renowned, innovative, and successful property developers, with a capitalization of BD 86.4 million. These achievements look particularly impressive against the backdrop of the financial crisis, the economic downturn, and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Naseej’s list of successfully completed projects includes the luxury villa complexes BASATEEN and Yasmeenat Saar, the affordable housing project Jumana, and Public-Private-Partnership (PPP), a project with the Ministry of Housing, which has built more than 2,800 housing units in Al Madina Al Shamaliya and Al Luwzi. The multi-award-winning mixed-use development Canal View, located on the beautiful island of Dilmunia, has earned special international recognition. 

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