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Island Blue Cyprus




Island Blue is a property development company situated in Paphos Cyprus with a focus on luxurious upmarket developments.

Our aim is to pave the way for investors to benefit from the best property investment opportunities, as well as, to indulge in the ultimate Mediterranean lifestyle.

Philosophy We do art” reflects our passion for creating art within our industry. We believe that art, at its essence, is an expression made visible by a form.

Original forms of art and design are powerful inspirations within our everyday life. For hundreds of years, people have been building up a great heritage of art in various forms.

We base our foundation on these creative inspirations by fusing the elements of our regions natural beauty and culture, architecture, design and innovation;

and through this, we achieve transformation of Real Estate. We don’t just build homes; we create masterpiece lifestyle concepts.

Our ambition is also to inspire the next generation to question traditional boundaries and find their own voice creating unique lifestyle concepts.

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