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Ehela Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.




We are a Property Development Company specialized in Land Development, Design and Construction and Real Estate Investment management. This includes apartments and condominium projects, gated communities, land sales, individual housing projects, and total interior and refurbishment projects. In doing so, we go the extra mile to ensure prompt service on project completion and timely delivery ensuring complete customer satisfaction. As an ethical business committed to sustainability, we take pride in promoting the future of real estate with the best intentions in mind towards environment, communities  and all our stakeholders.

Ehela Holdings is Sri Lanka’s most innovative real estate business that seeks to transcend the boundaries of a hallowed profession. The Company and its ethos take root from three operating principles; Sustainable Development, Inclusive Business and Driving Shareholder Value, which pervade every aspect of the business. 

Ehela is founded on dedication, dynamism and decades of expertise in Sri Lanka’s real estate business; empowering lives and livelihoods across diverse spheres. These shared values enable Ehela to design and deliver exceptional experiences to its discerning clientele, and was recognized as the ‘Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Sri Lanka’, at the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021.  Innovation and inclusivity are central to Ehela designs, in addition to offering unparalleled synergies between Architectural Services, Engineering, Construction, Investments and Project Management. In its bold and determined quest to transform the real estate space, Ehela is committed to remain true to every stakeholder delivering shared value to all. 

Ehela Holdings is synonymous with the beautiful tree it derives its name from – a shower of gold (Cassia Fistula). The Company is well-structured and robust akin to the wood of the tree, with fast growth and plentiful blossoming. A popular ornamental plant, Cassia Fistula, is widely used in herbal medicine as a disease killer (aragvadha), complimenting Ehela Holding’s commitment to upholding Sri Lankan values, whilst transcending the industry to greater highs. Ehela flowers are often hung at homes in the belief that the flowers will bring happiness and good luck to households; our earnest wish for every home. 

The Ehela Vision: To become the indubitable champion for change, innovation and sustainability in real estate development. 

Our Mission for Growth: To embrace diversity and inclusiveness, and to constantly empower our valued stakeholders to achieve greatness employing a grounded approach for every aspect of the business. 

Building Upon Our Roots: Our operating principles are intrinsic to our journey and growth. They provide root to our aspirations. Alongside our commitment to the guiding principles, Ehela Holdings embraces transparency to ensure an informed and equitable operating process with all our valued business partners and customers. 

Blooming Sustainably: Every Ehela project celebrates the community it serves. Every project gives priority to sourcing physical and human resources from the area it serves, to ensure better integration and opportunity for all. We strive to ensure minimum impact to the natural environment; saving every tree possible and planting new ones to enhance the environs. Sufficient consideration is provided to prevent soil erosion and waste-water management. We consider it our inherent responsibility to add value to every aspect of the lives, livelihoods and the environment in the regions we operate. Ehela is committed to growing its Triple Bottom Line as a responsible corporate citizen. 

Branching Out for Inclusivity: The Ehela tree is majestic due its deciduous nature and even spread of branches and flowers – synonymous to our engagement with every stakeholder. Our projects serve customers and consumers from diverse demographics and we encourage a variety of suppliers supporting small and medium businesses to large corporates. We engage widely with our stakeholder groups to instill the Ehela values of doing business, embracing sustainability, accountability and offering best returns at all times. Our doors are always open to all. 

Seeds of Value for Shareholders: Staying true to our mission to transform the real estate sphere in Sri Lanka, Ehela Holdings adopts a unique and innovative approach to management. Delivering unmatched value to every shareholder of Ehela is just as paramount to designing and developing decadent projects that indulge the wishes of diverse customers. Decades of experience and exemplary leadership at the forefront of industry is strengthened by our relentless commitment to Good Governance, warranting a sound investment strategy and best-in-class service and operations.   

Our Offering: At Ehela, we adopt a holistic approach to Real Estate Business. Our projects span Apartments, Condominiums, Gated Communities, Land Sales, Individual Housing Unit Development and Refurbishment. We also offer consultancy and advisory services to our valued clients on how best to invest their resources on real estate. Our services place customer satisfaction at its very core. We are committed to complete our projects ‘On Time and in Full’, and provide special attention to present clear titles to all customers upon completion. We endeavour to transform the real estate experience for all Sri Lankans, and to identify Ehela as the benchmark for exceptional quality and excellence in customer service within the industry. 

Property Development: Ehela knows no boundaries. Our development projects span cityscapes, bustling suburbs and the lure of our lush countryside. Our commitment and approach to every project is indistinguishable, and the outcomes are professionally-managed projects complete with all necessary infrastructure, validated by Authorities. Transparency and accountability are paramount to the ‘Ehela Promise’, and every project conforms completely to all relevant building and environmental regulations. Every Apartment, Condominium, Gated Community, Home, Investment, property development or sale we proffer is covered with the ‘Ehela Promise’ of quality, convenience, comfort and trust, backed by the expertise and professionalism of our team. 

Design and Construction: Design and development go hand-in-hand with construction; they must compliment the unique condition applicable to every individual site. Our team of architects, engineers and builders are conscious of these truths, and our design philosophy is one that is entwined with the environment to ensure a long service life for every construction. Our design capacity is not limited to homes and condominiums; they span hotels, hospitals and offices with solutions to serve diverse requirements. ‘On Time and in Full’ – this is our promise, and we leave no leaf unturned in our endeavour to deliver complete satisfaction to our valued customers. 

Investment and Advisory Services: Ehela is not a conventional Real Estate business; it aims instead to transcend the industry. In addition to offering consultancy services to discerning clientele on projects, we also invite investors to join hands with us for developments. We also welcome customers looking to purchase properties and are seeking consultancy and advisory services on their considerations, where we will work to ensure the best deal as per the client’s requirements. Ehela offers a complete holistic experience and solution for all requirements, and customers can count on the company’s engagement with local authorities to obtain and verify every regulatory requirement. 

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