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Domenica Group




Domenica Group is a property development company in Cyprus, that has recently been awarded by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards in category of Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Cyprus.

Its large portfolio of property development includes outstanding projects for banks, ministries, municipalities, and private organizations, and they were also responsible for re-establishing the restoration of Cyprus. The group’s impressive portfolio further proves its high standards of quality and reliability. They currently have several exclusive properties available and there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a luxurious private villa or a luxury apartment with breathtaking sea views, Domenica Group is dedicated to making your property dreams come true.

Domenica Group has high respect for its clients and is the epitome of reliability and high construction standards. The group lives up to its values and principles and continues to work on becoming the most successful developer in all of Cyprus. Watch this space!

Domenica Group is the epitome of reliability, high construction standards, and respect for its clients. Inspired by its principles and values, it continues to work on becoming the most successful property developer in Cyprus, combining the highest levels of customer satisfaction with top-class quality.


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